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Is all in how business enterprise responds For business today, being attached to the conveniences and advantages afforded by the digital world is almost a necessity.Rather, for all the success and yield digital advantages can bring, there are ubiquitous dark forces at work too, and are relentless.They also have the advantages of always being on offense, so they just have to find one hole to exploit, whereas the cyber security side of the house has to work out how to plug millions of holes, with new ones popping up almost every day available new delivery systems, techniques and zero day exploits which are constantly adding to the powerful arsenal hackers and cyber warriors have saved.So should the bad guys do ever manage to get one through the safety net, global digital 'forensics'(Gdf)Is now presenting a"Not on your life retainer"Cyber emergency incident response treatment for ensure businesses have competent, experienced responders available to respond with ease t ... Read more »

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